Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4

 We have tried to make it appeal to as wide range as possible audience and as such have tried to appeal to the audience as best as we can with some gore for the male viewer and blood with some horror and suspense, reaching out to the typical male viewer and a male lead for the female audience.

We also have a much younger male lead than is usual for a Psychological Thriller and we really aim to show his emotions and his sense of loss and confusion, to appeal to the audience who would normally go and see a Psychological Thriller.

We aimed for a BBFC 15 rating which permits some violence and injury to be shown on screen but not with a strong focus on it and it would allow some mild swearing during the film. It would also allow the teenage audience to view the film in the cinema, however most people under the age of 15 would probably not be all too interested in the film because of the genre, despite the fact we are aiming for a teenage audience. One recent example would be Black Swan which was awarded a 15 rating for its content or Shutter Island which was also rated 15 by the BBFC. Which means that as a standard our film would fit in the correct market. However Lost highway was rated an 18, mainly for its sexual content, which features strongly throughout the film. It also focuses on the impact of violence at one point, which also lended itself to the 18 certificate.

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