Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3

Our film was a psychological thriller and as such it targets a specific audience, however we have intentionally gone against that. And as A small group our film would have been fairly independent and small budget affair with very little advertising. As such it would be best if our film went with a much smaller distributor as to get it best noticed. not something as large as say Warner Bros. who probably would have little interest in a small budget film with unknown actors and production company.
However they have been known to distribute films within our genre such as Inception (2010), however it featured a much more big name cast with a proven and critically acclaimed director behind the film, thus improving its chances as a mainstream film.
it features big special effects guaranteed to pull the bigger audiences and make far more at the box office than most normal films ever will.

Most of the films we looked at featured much smaller production companies such as Lost Highway, which was distributed by October films or Donnie Darko which was distributed by Newmarket films.

However American psycho was distributed by Lionsgate a much larger distributor who deal in a wide range of genres but mainly focus on adult action films such as The Punisher Warzone. Also American Psycho as a film would be much more financially viable as a production because it was an adaption of a fairly well known book and as such it had an already established fanbase who would be devoted to the film. Also the book itself received controversy over it's content and the publicity would certainly help it do well at the box office. It also featured several well known actors such as William Defoe and Christian Bale, who was still a fairly unknown actor at the time, however he still had done several films before. Whereas our film is full of unknown actors with no prior films done.

Also there have been very few British psychological thrillers in recent years and as such the market for them is still fairly unknown to anyone seeking to distribute our film as Psychological Thrillers have been notoriously hard to distributer such as Donnie Darko which distributors found hard to come up with a target audience for it.

As such I think our best distributor to go for would be Warp Films, who are based in the UK and have dealt with smaller scale films. They are responsible for distribution such films as Four Lions and This Is England both of which have done fairly well in the UK and are father well known. They feature a wide range of genres and don't stick to just one which would be an advantage to our film because of its untested nature in the box office. They are probably the best distributor to go to when it comes to getting our film to as wide a market as possible. Because of their smaller scale they are less focused on profit and their previous films have touched some fairly risky subjects and as such this would make them ideal for our film because it would give us greater artistic licence to produce the film we want to while still appealing to a wide audience who can enjoy the film.

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