Saturday, 22 January 2011

Soundtrack Ideas CO, BH

CO, BH - Soundtrack ideas for our Production

The ideas that we have proposed for background music during our production was picked because it would strengthen the theme of the supernatural and the theme of horror but also one of dementia. For this, we brainstormed musical ideas mainly from the rock and metal end of the spectrum, since these are the two best genres suited to the idea of death and murder. The songs chosen would be re-recorded, to avoid copyright issues.

Ripe (With Decay) - Nine Inch Nails

We considered this lengthy instrumental track because it creates a brooding, dark atmosphere, which would perfectly suit the production. We would use the parts from roughly 4:45 onwards, as the long, bass notes help create the scary atmosphere.

2. Samsara - Parkway Drive

As this song is the introduction to an album, it fades in gradually, making an eerie, mysterious and somewhat nautical noise. It features heavy breathing, which would add to the tension if it was used in the opening of our film

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