Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Location and Setting -BH

The setting for Psychological thrillers tend to be wide ranging and encompass a large range of settings, such as suburbia, like Donnie Darko, the rich upper class penthouses of the city, like American Psycho. To cheap and decaying house city of Fight Club. The environments often reflect the characters, for example Teddy Daniels isolation in his fantasies are shown in the location of the island itself.

The locations in psychological thrillers generally reflect the characters themselves, to reveal another side of them a reflection of how the character sees the world in general. For example the stairs in Vertigo (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock, which the main character has to overcome his fear and climb a set for stairs to overcome his vertigo and as such its vital to the character. [add video of the said scene]

For our film we have decided to use a house to film- a fairly normal house, unremarkable from the outside and yet by the end of the introduction it's established that its completely empty and hollow. It was chosen because it is central to the main character his home, his sanity is reflected in the house and it's outside normality and inside isolation. Also it's easy to access and easy to film in.

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