Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blade Runner (1982) Final Cut Review

Blade runner (1982) Dir. Ridley Scott, takes place in the year 2019 with Harrison Ford plaiyng the lead role of 'Blade Runner' Rick Deckard. The film has been released and re-released several times over the past 20 years since release and has been subject to several debates as which is the best version. I saw the 'Final Cut' version which is considered to be the definitive version. The genre is generally considered to by Sci Fi Noir; with the hard boiled Detective character of Deckard searching for replicants- human like androids who have come to earth in search of a means to prolong their lives. In traditional noir fashion nothing is as it seems in a dystopian world filled with the neon glare on the seedy and urban streets of L.A. On his hunt for the Replicants he encounters a woman who threatens his entire chain of beliefs.

The plot generally makes sense- although it does seem to drag significantly at some points- the cinematography matches the dark plot brilliantly- smoke and fog obscure the characters as they move though the almost endless crowds, the brilliant contrast between the light and dark fits in perfectly.
The soundtrack is very retro- it matches the action perfectly once again; very sci-fi yet still very dark.

Overall 4/5- not the best film ever but certainly not the worst

The Kill: Challanges

The kill; my 60 second long stalker esq short was mostly filmed at night. This presented several issues- It was hard to get good quality lighting that you light up the scene enough to that the audience can see what is happening clearly.I had to improvise and make use of the street lights however if I'd had more cash I would have used a lighting rig to illuminate the scenes captured; however I think filming went fairly well.
Another challenge I face was the use of only two people- myself included; this meant use of shots had to be more implicit than explicit, I had to make some very selective use of shot types, no double shots and quite afew POV shots of the stalker...stalking

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lessons learned form our Microdrama

1) Get organised; know what you're going to do in the when you're filming, don't leave it to the last minute!
2) Chose location wisely- don't film somewhere that might cause issues further into production.
3) Film the scene from more than one angle so that you have more footage to edit and can use cross cutting.
4) Skilled actors/ good direction, make sure everyone knows how they are meant to act.
5) Make sure you know how to use the equipment at hand, i.e cameras and tri-pods in an effective manner.
6) Learn how to use the editing software provided!
7) Ensure you capture enough footage to fill out the plot so that there.